Resume Writing

Résumé Writing

Our goal is to utilize industry standards, best practices, and English composition rules and guidelines for creating résumés, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that meet Nationally Certified Résumé Writer (NCRW) writing excellence requirements and expectations, as set forth by The National Résumé Writers Association (NRWA).

RESUME: (additional $50.00 per level for career transitioning)

$ 275.00  Entry-level (0 - 2 yrs experience)
$ 650.00  Mid-level (3 - 8 yrs experience)
$925 .00  Senior-level (8+ yrs experience)


$125.00   Entry-level (0 - 2 yrs experience)
$ 250.00  Mid-level (3 - 8 yrs experience)
$ 300.00  Senior-level (8+ yrs experience)

$125.00     Entry-level (0 - 2 yrs experience)
$ 250.00    Mid-level (3 - 8 yrs experience)
$ 300.00    Senior-level (8+ yrs experience)

Copy Editing

Copyediting (Proofreading)

Light Copyediting

When asked to do a light edit on a manuscript, we assume that the content is finished and that the manuscript is just about ready to go to production. In a light edit, we are responsible for correcting errors in the following areas:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Numbers
  • Hyphen use
  • List of items (for instance, incorrect numbering)
  • Table of contents
  • Table and figure numbers

Medium Copyediting

A medium, or regular, copyedit is the most typical assignment. Responsibilities include all the duties of a light copyedit as well as ensuring correctness and consistency in these areas:

  • Gender neutralities
  • Format (i.e. consistent titles, formatting, headings and subheadings)
  • Content and style - looking for the below attributes
    • Audience
    • Logic and clarity
    • Word usage (i.e. affect -vs- effect)

Manuscripts | Priced per project. Call for a quote.

Copy Writing


Our goal is to research and create engaging content, advertising or publicity with a distinctive grasp of grammar and English composition in the following areas:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • B2B Sales Tools (value propositions for cold calling)
  • Training Documents and Manuals
  • Software applications test case requirements

Priced per project. Call for a quote.