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Marie H. Fitts, Owner and Creative Director

The FITTSCRIPT (NCRW certified) professionals are committed to making each re’sume’ command the attention of hiring managers, overshadow peers, and surpass Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems.

Style, format, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, keyword usage, and syntax are the critical components of any re’sume’. “The NCRW Style Guide” has become the industry’s standard for re’sume’ composition. These refined composition elements are essential to exceed (ATS) systems and obtain the coveted job interview, for which thousands of applicants vie in competition daily! FITTSCRIPT sets its standards for best practices, English composition rules, and proofreading guidelines for creating résumés, and cover letters to consistently meet The NCRWs writing excellence requirements and expectations.

FITTSCRIPT writers are proficient in promoting the education, qualifications, experience, licensing and certifications of each job applicant. Utilizing specific industry keywords to advance each re’sume’ beyond ATS filters, and garner the next job interview for “our clients”, is what FITTSCRIPT does best!